Is there anything wrong with the New Paramount+ Logo?

The film industry is a vital part of the entertainment sphere, and we couldn’t imagine the world without it. Ideally, can we total up the movies (short and long) in different genres to ever be released since 1895, when the first commercial film got released? – countless!  

Unlike before, the film industry has evolved, thanks to advancements in technology. Filmmakers have now embraced better production equipment like lenses, external light sources, tripods, etc. Similarly, film companies like Universal Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros are commonly identified by specific logos.

Paramount Pictures is one of the legendary filmmaker companies with several blockbusters associated with it. The company is recently headlining the news with its blunder in the logo redesign.

As per a Reddit user, one detail of the mountain looks like a random, rounded vector line, inconsistent with the rest of the logo’s shaper shading. Many have also suspected that the designer must have made a mistake and couldn’t identify it before getting the new logo approved. With a lot of comments going around, another designer went on to fix the design by removing the line.

While Reddit claims that the logo holds a mistake, the studio behind the new logo design stands by its product. It shows that the company chose it deliberately, with one diagonal line corresponding completely with the offending pixels.

Can Anyone Design a Logo?

A logo isn’t merely a combination of different colours, graphics, images or fonts. It is a creative process of bringing ideas to life. 

It requires predetermined input, creativity and modern graphic design methodologies. Just as first-time logo designs, redesigns are a bit technical, and that’s why these redesigns can at times go wrong.

The latest is Paramount+’s logo that is having designers scratch their heads. Some designers pointed out that part of the logo is inconsistent with other elements while others are pretty satisfied. With a quick look, and for those who aren’t designers, the blue logo could look perfect, but to professionals- an error.

There are ample graphic design open-source programs that modern designers use. However, advanced solutions are an excellent option when working on big projects like a rebrand. First and foremost, it could require a Graphic Design Toronto agency that is quite established for the best outcomes.

For those that could love to handle their needs, a wide range of factors must be kept in mind. The typography, colour scheme, and skills matter. Have a plan, and remember that attractive designs don’t necessarily require gigantic pictures. Simply be creative and keep it simple.


An effective logo takes time, work, and input. A quality logo is also judged based on its uniqueness, visuals, relevance, and attractiveness. Generally, any logo design or redesign process requires planning, research, and conceptualization.

Understanding the audience is another vital consideration before designing a logo since it determines brand identity in a given niche. Excellent logo designs have the power to elevate a brand, enhance brand awareness, and redefine brand perceptions.

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